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A week in the life of an Academy Dancer.

Written by Emily Darmody


My week is all about balance from dancing, swimming, school work, homework and finding time to recover and relax. I dance 10 hours a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in the Senior Academy. Evolve is like my second home.

Outside of school and dance I also swim, I swim Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mornings and I find this really helps my stamina and fitness for dance. While dance and swimming are big parts of my life I still make time for sleep, nutrition and recovery. I believe these 3 things allow me to maintain enough energy, happiness and willingness to give my best self in every aspect of my daily life.

Come along with me and find out what I get up to in "A week of my life"!


My week starts off with swimming in the early morning. After swimming head home and try to have a nutritious breakfast. In the Senior Academy, we learn about nutrition and what foods help you function and focus to your full capacity. I then get ready for school. At my school, we have 5 periods a day with lunch and recess in between these periods. After school, I catch a bus home and then have afternoon tea. I then find this is a good time to get any homework or study done, otherwise, I use it to either; rest and rejuvenate, go through some choreography or do some dance exercises to maximize my growth. Our family then usually has dinner at 7:30 together and then I get ready for bed and usually go to bed at around 9:30.


My Tuesday started off when I woke up at 7:00 to start getting ready for school. I had a shower, got dressed and all ready for school, then had breakfast. I then headed to school and arrived at 8:30. Some of the classes I had today included English, Maths, PE and art. When school finished at 3:10 I caught the bus home and started getting ready for dance. I got changed into my Evolve t-shirt and leggings and had a quick snack before dance. This usually includes a protein bar and a piece of fruit because I don’t have much time before I have to go. Dance went till 8:00 tonight and we did a range of different classes, Tuesdays is one of my favourite dance days. After dance finished I went home had dinner, a shower and went to bed.


On Wednesday I swim in the morning, so I woke up at 5:15 to get ready for swimming. Each session my swimming varies but I usually swim around 3 to 4km. After I finished at 7:00, I went home and started getting ready for school. On mornings that I swim, I try to have a healthy breakfast so this morning I had poached eggs on avocado toast. Then I went to school. My classes at school change every day so today I had; PASS, food tech, science, commerce and maths. After school, I caught the bus home and then had afternoon tea and got some homework done. I then had a shower, dinner and got ready for bed.


My typical Thursdays start off at 7:00 when I wake up for school. The first thing I do Is have a shower and then get into my uniform, I also make sure to pack my sports uniform because I had PE today. Following this I make a healthy breakfast which today was a smoothie bowl. Afterwards, I pack my laptop, lunch, water bottle and pencil case into my bag and head to school. Today I have double PE, assembly, geography and RAVE. After school, I got picked up and we went home to get ready for dance. When I got home I got into my dance clothes and had some afternoon tea. I like to have something healthy because it will help me to give 100% of myself at dance. When I got to dance I stretched for a bit then we started. Every day is different at Evolve so we might be doing technique, contemporary, hip hop or lyrical. After dance, I went home had a shower and dinner then went to bed.


On Friday I had swimming again so I woke up at 5:15 like usual, I got into my swimmers and I was ready to go. Friday is usually an easier swim session than Monday and Wednesday so we ended up only doing 2.8km this morning. When I got home I had a shower, got ready and had breakfast. I made a smoothie bowl again because I enjoyed the one I had yesterday. Then I packed my bag and went to school. Today at school I had PE, rite journey, PASS, English and math. Following school, I caught the bus home and did some homework and stretched. Then I had dinner, got ready for bed and read a book right before bed.


My typical Saturday starts off at 8:00 when I wake up to start getting ready for a full day at dance. First, I had a shower and got ready. Next I had breakfast, today I had a bagel with avocado and an egg on top. This will give me the right fuel I need for a full day of dancing. Following breakfast I made my lunch, today I’m going to buy sushi, so I just cut up some fruit and put in a protein bar. We left at around 9:30 and stopped past the shops to get sushi then we continued on to dance. At dance on Saturdays we do a range of different activities, styles and exercises. Some of these might include freestyle, choreography, partner work, creative work, fitness and much more. After dance, I went home and tried to relax. Then I had dinner watched a movie and went to bed.


Today I woke up a little bit later at 9:00 and just relaxed for an hour. Then I made a smoothie bowl for breakfast. I find Sundays are all about relaxing and having down time so I can be prepared for the week ahead. But first I had to do a little bit of homework then I went for a swim in our pool and had lunch. After lunch I went for a walk with my dog and read some more of my book. Then I had dinner got ready for bed.

Wrapping Up

The structure I follow throughout the week really helps me to stay organised and balanced from having time to relax, to dancing & swimming and then finding time for homework & study. I feel like the variety of activities and work I do each week makes each aspect more enjoyable and doesn't make me burnt out or tired of doing the same tasks everyday. Overall I feel like this provides with me a great use of time management and productiveness which can help me in all aspects of my life!


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