A little February Update!

Happy Monday families! Here's to a great week ahead of us all.

We would love to share a few updates with you as we all settle in to Term One, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with the team!

ALT. Program

We will be opening formal applications for our Academy Leadership Team on Friday 25th February! The ALT. Program is our way of celebrating leadership, positive behaviour, contribution and a sense of pride within our students. You can find information on the ALT. Program in your 2022 Prospectus (this is for Junior & Senior School students only).

Community Groups

We are currently in the midst of setting up community group pages for families of The Academy that will be accessible over the next two weeks. These community groups will allow for the organisation of car pooling, interaction with other parents/families and a place for our students to stay engaged with Evolve outside of the studio (away from social media platforms as this will be on our website). A launch date will be provided for you soon.

Senior School Orientation & Handbooks

Orientation for Senior School students was held on Saturday 12th of February! Once our community groups are set up and ready to go, students and parents will be able to access the slides from orientation, which we strongly encourage you to read! Junior & Senior students will also be receiving their handbooks this Saturday 26th February, in which we also suggest you have a sit down and read through with them once they arrive home.

Our current focus at Evolve:

Culture! We have been busy encouraging and immersing our students into the Evolve Culture and what it means to be a part of our awesome community. From highlighting the importance of welcoming everyone with a friendly hello, to saying thank you at the end of every class, here's a brief overview of what we have been teaching across all divisions of The Academy:

- Being a supportive team member by saying hello to everyone, always clapping when someone has a turn or tries something new, waiting patiently for our turn, talking to new friends and learning how to be supportive and encouraging toward them through verbal and body language.

- Being a wonderful student by using our listening ears, thanking our teachers at the end of class, helping to pack things away and trying our best in every class.

- Switching off technology to stay connected to the people in our space and making an effort to form new connections by going outside of our "comfort zone" socially.

- Sharing a smile and being aware of our presence in the room to contribute to a positive dance space.

Have a Happy Week!

Team Evolve.